August 11, 2022

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Avoid Drama Wrath

How to Avoid Drama Wrath

Bam! There you are… Slammed in the middle of three friends fighting over only God knows what. They may not even know what they are fighting for and still try to get out of the situation. Or in some cases, some might make it worse for their own amusement.

Drama seems to be the favorite pastime of the new age. To some, this seems to be their main source of entertainment. Those are what we call “side-liners”. They are not directly involved, but love to watch ongoing dramas. Then we have people who are addicted to drama, they eat, breathe, and sleep drama.

These guys are what we call “droid drama”. After all, the main focus of drama droids is to start dramas with tools like lies, lumping wrong companies in one place, twisting and stretching reality.

The result of a bad drama can destroy a person’s life. Some of the toxic consequences can be violent rumors, beatings, imprisonment, taking children… The result of violent drama is bad. You get the picture.

Being a victim of drama, I have experienced firsthand the magnitude of the pain it causes. What disgusts me the most is how some people create drama on someone… It’s almost like a branch of the bullying tree.

I’ve come up with some ideas and tips that I’ve found to work for me and others. A foolproof plan is to avoid drama all together. But if you’ve found yourself in the drama neverland… Here are some tips and ideas for getting out of it. Stop answering your phones to everyone involved in the drama. If you can’t avoid talking to them, try changing the subject or just playing dumb and not reacting to their dramatic talk.

The less you are influenced by it, the less likely they are to present it your way. Do not offer information to anyone in the drama chain. Avoid talking about him saying he said trouble. Don’t tell any secret to a known drama droid, it’s like posting it on Facebook for everyone to read. Speaking of Facebook, put all drama droids in your contact list and only for friends and not acquaintances. I have found that to be very effective.

Don’t have drama droids or side dramas in your home, this is a surefire way for drama to spiral out of control and the police might get involved. If you’re out in public and there’s drama with your friends, try to defuse the situation by going out with a friend or two. Try not to play the drama, the more it is talked about, the more alive it is. if asked about knowledge of drama episodes just say it’s none of your business so you don’t notice.

There are some drama situations where I haven’t even answered my front door because I know drama is waiting on the other side. The most effective way I’ve found to avoid drama is to unfriend the people involved, because it seems the people involved in the drama never change… Do leopards change their place?