August 11, 2022

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Children of the Sea’s Ayumu Watanabe Oversees Entanime Anime

Japan’s top comedy manufacturer starts streaming animated sketches on July 19

Yoshimoto Kogyo, Japan’s leading producer of comedians and comedy leisure, is turning sketches into a internet anime that it will launch on July 19 on the YouTube channel Entanime. Anime director Ayumu Watanabe (Kids of the Sea, Komi Are unable to Converse, Area Brothers, Summertime Time Rendering) is supervising all areas of the anime. The anime will animate present skits by comedians, and it will also element all-new skits established for the undertaking.

The 1st world-wide-web anime installments launching on July 19 are the intimate comedy sketch “Iza-chan Koza-chan,” the “Ningen Kansatsu” (Observing People) sketch about animals observing and then imitating human beings, and the sketch “Osaka no Obachan de Rekishi ga Ugoita! Shiran Kedo …” (The Gears of Background Have been Set in Motion by Osaka Girls! I Had No Idea …) about a few center-aged, time-traveling Osaka gals. In addition, there is an anime in the operates for the manga Tomato Mazaishi Shimokawa Haruka Eight (Shimokawa Town’s Tomato Comedy Duo Haruka & 8) conceived by NON Model comedy duo member Akira Ishida (no relation to the equally named voice actor or manga artist).

A reside function will also stream on the channel at July 19 at 6:30 p.m. (5:30 a.m. EDT). The duo Shizuru will emcee the application, which will element the comedy acts Jungle Pocket, Rice, and Oda Ueda.

Bandai and Yoshimoto Kogyo debuted Hell Persons!, the CG anime comedy job starring the Chocolate Earth comic duo, in February. Yoshimoto Kogyo also created this kind of anime tasks as Watanabe’s Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko film and the sleeper strike anime film Poupelle of Chimney Town. It assisted on the 2020 Maesetsu! Opening Act anime about aspiring comedians.

Resource: Comedian Natalie