August 19, 2022

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Comedy Clubs in Minnesota

Minneapolis Comedy Clubs are a great option for social outings, whether it is a group of people or a couple’s night out. This article may be especially helpful for those that like a few good laughs as a form of entertainment, and have an appreciation for the fun environment of a comedy club. This article will delve into the comedy scene in Minneapolis and help you take away some ideas for the comedy options that play a large role in the entertainment and nightlife of Minneapolis. Many top name acts make their way from the East coast to West Coast, and famous comedians make frequent appearances at some of the Minneapolis comedy clubs.

Minnesota comedy acts have also had a chance to perform at a comedy club in Bloomington, called the Joke Joint, where comedy is finally taking off, after a year of building the venue. Comedy acts perform three to four nights a week, and most shows don’t exceed $15, which makes it an affordable night out. Some of the local comedians, like Wayne Burfeind or Diane Ford have performed among a long list of local Bloomington comics.

Stand-up comedian fans can also expect to see some National comedy acts make their way into the Bloomington, and the Twin Cities area. For free entertainment in the Minneapolis/Twin cities area, there is free comedy offered at Acme Comedy Company, which is one of the best Minneapolis comedy clubs. They offer a local mic night weekly, so you can try your hand at stand-up comedy, if you think you have a talent for it. Acme Comedy Club has been also known as Sticks Restaurant by some of the locals, but they are better known for comedy than they are their food.

Minnesota comedy has become a form of entertainment that is popular with the 25-40 year old target audience, and is making a comeback as that crowd has gotten burnt out with Karaoke nights and Texas Hold’em games, as a form of entertainment. In the hectic and stressful everyday grind, comedy clubs can be a refreshing source of entertainment that can make you feel better and allow you to have a good time with friends. Jokes that make fun of everyday life are popular stand-up comedian material that most of the audience can relate to and take a humorous view of.

Comedy Sports Twin Cities is one of Minneapolis comedy clubs that have a funny, clean improvised and completely interactive comedy show that is suited for the whole family. This Minnesota comedy experience is where two teams of actors compete for the biggest laughs and a referee calls fouls and takes the audience’s suggestions. Their slogan is “Fun enough for a bachelor party and clean enough for your Grandma”. They offer shows on Thursday and Friday nights at 8:00pm, and offer two shows on Saturday night at 8:00pm and 10:30 pm, with student discounts with a valid student I.D.

Comedy doesn’t just come in stand-up comedian shows. There are musical comedies and theatrical comedy experiences that include Vaudeville acts and dinner theater shows. The Brave New Workshop is hosting several shows a week, and this week’s event is “How to Make Love Like A Minnesotan II: Love Is In Bloomington”. This is one of the Minneapolis comedy clubs that have theatrical offerings, but other Minnesota comedy venues might include the Plymouth Playhouse in Plymouth, Minnesota or the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, where they have a variety of shows that often include comedy, for example.

Comedy is making a comeback as a popular form of entertainment, and the Twin Cities area boasts the 2nd largest number of theaters in the United States. That leaves a lot of venues for different acts, and there are plenty of local talents that moonlight as stand-up comedians. No matter what time of year, there are comedy shows going on somewhere in Minnesota, although most likely on weekends.

This article has highlighted some of the more established venues and information can be found readily on the Internet. We hope that you have learned about some new comedy entertainment choices and piqued your interest into learning more about how comedy fits into the nightlife of the Twin Cities area. Be sure to visit one of the Minneapolis comedy clubs we have mentioned, or any of the other Minnesota venues that are near your area to enjoy a break from everyday life or maybe just get a laugh or two out of it.