August 11, 2022

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Four Truths to Help You

Four Truths to Help You With Your Drama

Many people, especially famous coaches, well-known business leaders “behave” or pretend they don’t have drama or that they are not prone to drama. The reality is everyone experiences drama sooner or later.

Because of my personal training, I have heard secrets that you will never hear in public. Besides, I’ve been there too, and I realize the dangers of believing that you’re “above all.”

Here are four truths to help you deal with and even welcome your drama.

1. Drama is a part of life.
2. Drama keeps you real
3. Drama is a teacher
4. Overcoming drama leads to freedom

Drama is a part of life.

The definition of drama is “any obstacle to your peace or prosperity.” Unless you’re a teacher living on a remote mountain who spends all your time in meditation, you’re going to run into some drama here and there. Yes, there will be times when you are in the flow and you think you know it all.

You make money, your relationships are rewarding and your health is excellent. Then something happens and you start to feel unstable. The downward spiral begins. The good thing is that a little drama reminds you of your humanity.

Drama Makes You Real

When things are going well, it’s easy to be “high and mighty.” I’m sure you’ve seen it. A person of extraordinary status starts boasting, judging, and advising, and then something happens. The stock market crashes, they lose business, their partners leave them. Instead of bragging, remember that we all end up dealing with drama. Going through it alone keeps you real and helps you build your muscles of compassion.

Drama is a Great Teacher

Most drama is in the mind. You feel inadequate so you overestimate your income. You worry that others will judge you because you lost your biggest client. You have a nagging feeling that you will never succeed and you are ashamed of how you look. Could there be a hidden lesson about self-acceptance or authenticity? Maybe your drama is trying to teach you not to confuse where you are with who you really are. Your plays always have rich learning points if you look inside.

Overcoming Drama To Freedom

When I first started my journey, I hated my background. I struggled with my identity for the first three or four years even though I spoke professionally. Finally, confronting your fears leads to freedom. Here are two questions:

1. What are you hiding?
2. What are you afraid of?

Are you hiding a business or relationship failure? Are you afraid you’re not good enough? Are you afraid that you will be seen as a fraud? Are you secretly afraid of being rejected?

The greatest fear we face is the fear of judgment. Judgment hinders prosperity and leaves you in a constant state of “mind drama”.

When you can be yourself without having to hide and without fear of being judged by others then you have stopped your drama and you are free.