July 5, 2022

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Music Marketing Formula That Works

An Effective, No Fail 3-Step Music Marketing Formula That Works

How to Market Your Music More Effectively

Knowing how to market your music is without a doubt the most important thing you can do for your music business and your overall music career. You know it’s something that needs to be addressed and if you don’t try to learn how to market your music more effectively, then you should know that, at the very least, nothing serious is going to happen to your music. business career.

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether or not you are managing the most basic elements of an effective music marketing campaign.

What do I mean by this?

To get started, it’s important to assess where you are right now and determine if you know and understand exactly what are the basic components of an effective music marketing campaign? Let’s face it, if you are planning to make a name for yourself in the music industry, it is important to realize that you will be investing a lot of your personal time and money into your music career.

If you believe your absolute goal is to mold your musical talent into a true “music business” and you have no doubts about your chosen career path… then you’ll want to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Most indie bands and musicians whether from Rock, Hip Hop, Folk or any genre for that matter, tend to only work on one or two of the three essential requirements for effective music marketing. For example, most musicians are great at dealing with audiences. What with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in the mix, communication has become pretty dumb for today’s musicians.

On the other hand, asking for a sale is sometimes handled effectively but tends to be approached haphazardly and without an accompanying formula or awareness campaign. This lackluster approach tends to detract from the efforts of the hardest-working bands and musicians in the industry.

Unfortunately, implementing just one or even two of these key components without a third essential element in a music marketing campaign will not yield maximum returns for the time invested. This is not the way to market music effectively.

Don’t get me wrong, getting your name out there and taking part in conversations with fans can be cool, even self-satisfying and it’s definitely better than doing nothing but imagine how much more effective you would be if you worked on all of them. important marketing aspects of your music business armed with a focused formula and goals.

Ineffective Music Marketing Solutions

The bottom line is that as you outline the ins and outs of how to effectively market your music, it becomes clear that as a musician, it’s important to discipline yourself to focus on the elements that are most productive for the growth of your music business. Broken down in an easy-to-follow process, this element of music marketing and music promotion consists essentially of a 3-step formula:

Step #1 – Create Awareness: Find an audience that values ​​your musical style, voice and identity. Take the necessary steps to communicate your musical message to them. Everything you do should create awareness for you and your music at all times. Approach this with precision and firm direction and the foundation of your music business will be solid for years to come.

Step #2 – Connect with Your Audience: I mentioned earlier how stupid it is to connect with fans today. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many other online “hangouts” make this process easy.

Once you’ve laid the groundwork and made your audience aware of what you have to offer, work to maintain important ongoing relationships with your fans, the media, and all the important music business contacts you’ve gathered along the way. Your fans and contacts want to know that you are real.

That you care about them. That you’re here for the long haul. Making a connection with them and getting them involved in your growth process will ensure this happens for you.

Step #3 – Sell Your Stuff (Request a sale): This one is important. If you don’t have a product to sell… you DO NOT own a music business. Working to create a steady and consistent cash flow for your music business is critical to your long-term success. Lure fans to spend their money and buy your stuff and other music marketing process will flow and grow much easier.

Yes! Easier Said Than Do

I realize it’s easier to talk about these things than to make them happen in your career, but this is the music business, so incorporating this process into your music business campaign is a must, or you won’t last long. long enough to make a dent in the music world.

And that’s not what we want for your music career… is it?

Again, it might seem easy enough to map these things out on paper but the truth is that most bands and musicians will find a hundred and one ways to screw this up.

You’ll spend too much time creating awareness and connecting with your audience, but then failing to solicit sales. Or you’ll ask the sales method to often and forget about connecting with your people.

I mentioned earlier that it’s cool to get all gung-ho, busy, and go out there and do a lot of music marketing, but if you don’t touch all three elements of this process of how to market music, then you’re missing the boat and more importantly. .. You fans will not “feel” your vibe.

They will not connect with you on a deeper level. Without connections, there are no sales and without sales, you have no music business.

Don’t Get Caught In The Music Marketing Trap

You have seen them. They are everywhere. The lame press releases that musicians love to send out nowadays. These press releases are posted and delivered to my inbox daily with headlines such as: “Johnny Come Lately, New Album Release from the Band 123 How To Rock & Roll”. Please… just admit it. You’ve probably submitted something like this yourself.

Unfortunately there are a few problems with this spray and invocation technique which will become apparent when you compose a title like this against my 3 step process. See the press release addressing the “Creating Awareness” aspect and even lightly touching on the “Selling Your Stuff” step but failed to connect and that my friend is no no. It is 100% self-serving and unfortunately, it will fail every time it is used.

Fans and media saw straight through this. All the band wanted was money. For some unknown reason the band expects us to go to the link included in their press release and click the buy button. But where is the connection? What about the awareness we need BEFORE they ask for a sale?

Think about it. Have you ever bought an album, or anything for that matter, without some sort of emotional connection? Chances are you haven’t. If you think you have… think about it again. I’m sure you will reflect and realize that a relationship is definitely involved in your purchase.

The musicians who made this unforgivable marketing mistake should be ashamed of themselves. If this is your only way of promoting and marketing your music, spend about an hour tracking your results.